My Top Five Types of Books I Want to, But Might Never Write

A fear of every beginning writer is that they will run out of ideas. Alternatively, a fear for every professional writer is running out of time to write all their ideas. Literally. Like you cannot write that many words in a lifetime.

That is because ideas are a dime a dozen. Do you know how often I’ve heard that phrase since I became a writer? Like seriously, this is a well known fact.

So, if ideas are a dime a dozen, and some things may never get written, it’s fair to admit that I will have to give some books priority over others. Part of that has to do with my branding. If they are not Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror, they are not speculative fiction and thus they need to wait until I’m ready to expand. If I’m ever ready to expand. Part of that is due to the amount of work it would take to make it happen. So, here is a list of the top five books or genres of books on my “Not right now” writing list.

5. Christmas Bells

Any of you who have read my work know two truths about me: a) I don’t do Hallmark channel books. b) I don’t do romance. And yet one of my favorite book ideas that I itch to write every December is exactly that. The story of a small town where two children meet one Christmas Eve when they run away from their homes, and end up ringing the bell. A tradition the young man continues for every Christmas after. Fast forward twenty or so years, the children are grown. The man is living alone, his family having all passed away, and running a dying Morgan horse breeding farm. The woman returns from the big city with an offer to build a mall in the tiny town. An offer that could save the town, but kill most of the small businesses. She and the man become enemies, start to fall in love…blah blah blah. You have the recipe for a sticky sweet romance that I wouldn’t read of my own free will. So why do I want to write it so much? Who knows. That’s why this is so low on BOTH my lists.

4. Anything Middle Grade.

I actually love kids books. My sister is currently writing and editing a really cool Middle Grade Sci-Fi novel. Most of my favorite books growing up were Middle Grade (I kinda skipped the whole YA thing) and I still love a lot of them. I love the blend of “fairy tale” type story telling with just a bit more grit and adventure. I love that you can just relax and enjoy it. Nothing to horrendous like rape or a surprise sex scene will happen, no overboard gore or language. The pace is perfect to keep you sucked in. Still, I don’t write kids lit. And I don’t think I could. My brain goes from 0–100 mph in no time flat. So one minute I’d be like “Kid goes on adventure” and the next I’d be like “And they were all crucified and boiled in hot oil”

No, but seriously. I may be a nanny, but don’t read your kids my writing.

3. A Book with a Christian Protagonist

I’m gonna be honest, I don’t even know how I’d go about this. I hate most Christian fiction. And to write a Christian protagonist, I’d be alienated any non-Christian (who would immediately think of it as being “Christian fiction” and therefore preachy and offensive even if they would read a book with a Muslim or Buddhist protagonist without question). And if I were to write it the way that I write books, and with the very real issues that I would address and include, I’d probably alienate any readers of Christian Fiction. That, and I haven’t yet found a plot where the Christianity could actually play a role without turning it into “Christian Fiction”. I’m not saying it will never happen. I just don’t think I’m a good enough writer to do it yet. If I’m going to write about Christianity, then I’m going to write non-fiction.

2. An Ocean Centered Book

This might still happen. Though it will look different then what I’m thinking, for sure. You see, there are a lot of cultures and locals in my Fantasy book that center on cultures that live on or near the ocean.

I LOVE the ocean. Growing up some of my favorite books took place in and around the ocean. Shark Beneath the Reef, Jean Craighead George. Island of the Blue Dolphins, Scott O’Dell. The Island trilogy and The Dive Trilogy, Gordon Korman, and of course, Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island. And more I can’t recall the names of. I also remember reading a biography called The Shark Lady, True Adventures of Eugenie Clark a million times.

And as an adult I rediscovered my love for ocean-centered fiction with The Mutiny on the Bounty. Such an amazing book!

Basically, I love the ocean and I want to write books about it. But, Sci-Fi tends more towards space, and horror towards dark woods and abandoned houses. I might have room in the future, but the idea of exploring a little Irish town on the cliffs over the ocean will have to find their place in a bigger plot. Or maybe I’ll just have to be happy writing my book on a beach somewhere. Working vacation?

1. Historical Fiction

My great love, my great fear. Okay, here is the deal: I LOVE history. Love it. If I could pick any genre off the top of my head that I most regret leaving out of my brand, this is it. I mean, sure, I get to study and include historical stuff in my Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but it’s not the same. However, Historical fiction is terrifying. Mostly because as a lover of history, I care that it’s right. And I also don’t just want to explore the easy to reach places. I want to dig into cultures, countries and events from perspectives that are out of the ordinary. Finding resources on some of that stuff (the simple, everyday life stuff) is hard enough as it is. Then you have time to research it all. Writing hard-ish Sci-Fi takes enough out of me. So this is one of those “maybe” things. Like, when I’m 90, living large off movie royalties, and trying to kill of time before my bionic heart gives out.

Which one of these books would you most like to see me try my hand at? Which ones just plane confuse you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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